Video mapping @ Cercul Militar National (1)

#video mapping

Location: Cercul Militar Naţional

Artist: MotionLab

The first Romanian team ever to be nominated in the competition of the biggest light festival in the world (Circle of Light in Moscow), MotionLab (the studio specialized in video mapping, 2D and 3D animation) will be coming to Spotlight with the video mapping projection entitled “Resonance”: The more we can understand our origins the more we can understand our true self. There is a deeper underlying reality where everything is an unbroken wholeness. A unity that is the source of all phenomena in our universe. Spacetime, matter and energy are no longer seen as fundamental, but, rather, as emergent proprieties out of some deeper reality. They are just properties that emerge as a result of interactions taking place within a deeper reality. To grasp it, we have to completely change our notions of what is real. Science informs us, and art is how we use that and express. In essence the fundamental components of that deeper reality are harmonically vibrating strings, membranes, or loops of braided spacetime. Vibrations of these strings create waves or ripples in the quantum sea. As those waves combine, they create interference patterns that contain information. It’s the information patterns that govern the formation of our universe. Spacetime does not actually impose any limitations when we connect with that deeper reality. There is a harmony to all that happens in our universe. We are players in a cosmic symphony. We are all one, we’re all part of the sea.”MotionLab