The Particle Composer @ Novotel (4)

#interactive installation

Location: Hotel Novotel

Artist: Denis Flueraru

“The Particle Composer”, an installation that participated in this year’s edition of ArsElectronica Festival in Austria, uses an air quality sensor in order to measure the polluting particle concentration in the air and it creates a music that changes the harmony accordingly. The more polluted the air, the more unstable the harmony and the more distorted the frequencies. The “continents” newly formed on the globe of the installation are pollution particles seen on the microscope.

Denis Flueraru is a new media artist whose interests revolve around connecting the art and craft of sound and visuals with digital and analogue technology. The underlying concept of his work is interactivity, as he constantly strives to innovate and raise awareness about various facets that encapsulate the idea of the contemporary human habitat. By immersing users in live performances, interactive installations and written works, Denis attempts to push the boundaries of their perspectives and therefore instil new interpretations.