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Spotlight #7 – International Light Festival – Geometry of the City

Having reached its seventh edition, the open-air visual art festival Spotlight has prepared, for the weekend of April 21-23, 2023, a new series of multimedia experiences in established locations and premiere locations on Calea Victoriei and at ARCUB – Gabroveni Inn.

The event that awaits, again this year, over 100,000 participants, Spotlight Festival is a project organized by the Capital City Hall, through ARCUB – the Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Bucharest, together with the Directorate of Culture, Education, Tourism, with the support of MONUMENT for – the General Directorate of Landscape Architecture and Public Forum Monuments.

Since 2023, Spotlight Festival is a member of the largest international network of light festivals – The International Light Festivals Organization, thus connecting Bucharest with the largest cities in the world that host spectacular new media events in the public space.


This year’s Spotlight edition is called Geometry of the City and aims to transform the geometry of the city through three days of light, colour and sound shows. Thus, between April 21 and 23, famous buildings in Bucharest come to life through video mapping, iconic places are populated by multimedia installations, and the city’s statues are animated by light art projections.


For the first time at Spotlight, the InterContinental Athénée Palace Bucharest Hotel is included in the festival circuit with a very large light projection, bearing the signature of one of the most important contemporary artists in Romania, Roman Tolici. Also, the Spotlight map is expanding, this year, with an installation in the Historic Center, on the façade of the Gabroveni Inn, the headquarters of the Cultural Center of the City of Bucharest – ARCUB.

It is, moreover, for the first time that the Spotlight program includes works made by famous names of contemporary art from Romania alongside Romanian street art artists, illustrators, and sculptors, who transform iconic places in Bucharest together with new media pioneers from France, Hungary and Austria.

Another new element in this year’s edition of the festival is the choral music included in the Spotlight program as an element of inspiration for a video mapping show. Spotlight Festival 2023 marks the 60th anniversary of the National Chamber Choir “Madrigal – Marin Constantin” with a video mapping session on the façade of the Odeon Theatre, made by Mindscape Studio after a musical fragment performed by the famous vocal ensemble.


During the weekend of April 21-23, 2023, Spotlight invites the public to explore a city reinvented by new media art through dozens of light-art installations and projections on Calea Victoriei and at ARCUB – Gabroveni Inn. From the statue of Mihai Eminescu in the Athenaeum park transformed into a visual game, to the Palace of Telephones scaled by illustrated characters, to the Odeon Theatre turned into a playground or the Kretzulescu park turned into a flower garden of light, Spotlight – Geometry of the City prepared for the people of Bucharest, a spectacular visual adventure. This year’s Spotlight route starts from the intersection of Calea Victoriei with Piaţa Amzei street and continues along it to the Military Circle, with a final stop in the Historical Center, at ARCUB – Gabroveni Inn.


The Spotlight program starts every day of the festival at 19.30 and ends at 23.00. Details about the program and the installations participating in Spotlight 2023 will be available soon on and


For the second time in a row, MONUMENT forGeneral Directorate of Landscape Architecture and Public Monuments joins the Spotlight Festival and animates a series of statues on Calea Victoriei through video mapping shows created by Les Ateliers Nomad as part of the “Living Statues” program, a campaign initiated by MONUMENT for, which aims to enhance emblematic monuments of the city through a series of artistic reactivations.

About Spotlight – Bucharest International Light Festival

Spotlight – Bucharest International Light Festival has reached its seventh edition and is one of the Bucharest events that annually gathers over 150,000 spectators in three days of the festival.

Dozens of art works, installations, architectural lighting systems and video-mapping from Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Finland, the Czech Republic, Poland, France, Austria, and Romania transform iconic buildings in Bucharest such as the Central University Library, the National Art Museum of Romania, Odeon Theatre, National Military Circle, CEC Palace.

Inaugurated in 2016 in the context of the International Year of Light, Spotlight has, over time, brought together hundreds of Romanian and international artists and enjoyed collaborations with the most prestigious profile festivals in Europe (Fête des Lumières – Ville de Lyon, Berlin Lights Festival, Signal Festival in Prague). Since this year, Spotlight is a member of ILO, the largest international network of light festivals – The International Light Festivals Organization.

Event organised by Primăria Capitalei, through ARCUB – The Cultural Centre of the Municipality, and Direcţia Cultură, Învăţământ, Turism

Institutional Partners: MONUMENT for – Direcția Generală de Arhitectură Peisagistică și       Monumente de For Public, Corul Naţional de Cameră „Madrigal – Marin Constantin” 

Sponsors: Asirom, Hotel InterContinental Athénée Palace Bucharest

Main partners: Radio Europa FM, Virgin Radio România, International Light Festival Organisation

Media Partners: București FM,, STB

Special thanks to: Compania Municipală de Iluminat Public, Orange, Cercul Militar, Hotel Novotel, Magazinul Muzica, Palatul Telefoanelor, Teatrul Odeon, Kraft Market.

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