Liminal spaces


Locaţie: Hotel Novotel

Artist: Albert Kaan

Curated by: One Night Gallery

A liminal space is known both as a place, as well as a state, a transition condition, an emptiness where someone’s shape or identity is undefined. It can be a passage, a state of existence between certainties, between shapes and realities. We define such an in-bewteen state and the elements it is made of by what it has been, what it will be, or by the simple condition of transition. 


Albert Kaan (born 1993) is a multimedia artist who lives and works between Bucharest and Gulia. His expression is shaped by his urban and rural experiences. He works with the context he chooses in the immediate space. In his works he is researching the relationship between the human shape in dialogue with the architectural and the surrounding space. Since 2015 he has been integrating light elements, in various mediums of expression, from sculpture to scenography and audio-visual installations. 


One Night Gallery is a cultural and eductional platform which acts mainly in the new media art space, with the purpose of supporting and promoting the Romanian contemporary art through new media. Through the proposed exhibition formats, the artists are dared to use new digital storytelling tools, integrating Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Video Mapping or Artificial Intelligence in their projects. One Night Gallery projects underline the application of technology in the creative industries and explore non-conventional spaces for the regeneration of the urban tissue and the revival of the heritage buildings.