Manifest for equilibrium @ Kretzulescu (11)

#Light installation

Location: Kretzulescu Park

Artist: Wooba / Galateca

The light-art installation devised by WOOBA is a tribute paid to the pioneer of modernism and the patriarch of modern sculpture – Constantin Brâncuşi – and, at the same time, it is a manifesto for sustainability. The 3-meter high column with a modular design is made of biodegradable materials. “This column built from nature allows nature to grow back. We let art climb up towards the sky and we place the natural element at the top of creation”. Adrian Burscu, WOOBA.

WOOBA is a Romanian design start-up with a clearly defined mission: to become a solid example of good practices in sustainability and in the circular economy. WOOBA uses the newest technologies in order to create modular wood objects coming from the surplus of massive wood furniture produced in some big Romanian factories. The three entrepreneurs behind WOOBA are motivated by the desire to make Romanian product design.


Manifest Equilibrium @ Kretzulescu