Luminativ @ Sidewalk MNAR (13)

#light installation

Location: sidewalk of the National Art Museum of Romania

Artist: NoiseLoop Studio / Association of the Division of Arts through Emerging Technologies

Lumi.Nativ is a light installation that composes a traditional motif in perspective by placing seven metal structures and led light at a distance of approximately 3 meters from one another. Inside the installation, under the seven structures, two people can move simultaneously and in the same row. The elements of this light motif, even if separated and distanced, demonstrate the potential of belonging and adhesion in nationalized cultural heritage when privileged from perspective. Native or hereditary, the light within has no ethnicity or religion. It’s white, it’s neutral, it’s the same for everyone.

The Arts through Technologies Division Association: The DATE Association proposes to promote new media art artists and to support education in cultural diversity by encouraging multiculturalism. Organizer of One Night Gallery, the first new media art gallery in Romania, DATE has collaborated with over 100 artists in the interdisciplinary projects it has created in recent years.