Location: Parcul Kretzulescu

Artist: Nicolas Paolozzi FR

Curated by/Producţie: Module

Lotus is an expanding floral landscape with light & sound creating a poetic wander. The lotus flower life cycle is unlike any other plant: opened in the day, closing for the night and miraculously re-blooming the next morning. In many cultures, this process associates the flower with rebirth and spiritual enlightenment. Inspired by this strong symbolism, LOTUS installation seeks to offer a meditative experience. The installation dimensions reverse the scale: the spectator has the size of an insect when walking in the landscape. This reversal aims at provoking a certain degree of humility towards nature

Nicolas Paolozzi began his work in 2011 with RDV Collective, a digital art project that explored the possibilities of image, sound and digital tools in audiovisual installations, stage design and experimental settings. He founded MODULE in 2017 to carry this work further, with a concerted focus on the architectural and monumental in all his pieces. Considering space as a set of interactions, Paolozzi designs pieces that evolve through time. MODULE offers a unique, immersive experience of reality through the design of hybrid architectures that blend tangible and intangible materials.