FloWeЯ PoWeЯ


Location: Piaţa Revoluţiei – Memorialul Renaşterii

Artist: Jean-Pierre David and Christian Thellier FR

Producător: Aérosculpture 

FloWeЯ PoWeЯ is an assemblage of digital technology and electromechanics. It exploits the principle of retinal persistence. Light becomes material, it forms concentric flashes and infinite spirals, similar to multicolored flowers. The invisible device only reveals the luminous traces of the LEDs which eventually melt into the transparency of the night.


Aérosculpture has been designing and producing plastic installations and large-scale shows since 1998. The company stages the luminous aerial forms inspired by “the lighter than air” and creates shows where the lightness and flight amaze audiences of all ages. From a small installation rocked by the wind to a big street show, Aérosculpture has taken over squares all over the world, letting memories laden with poetry fly everywhere (Mons 2015 – European Capital of Culture, Ansan Street Arts Festival, Korea, Lyon – Festival of Lights…).