Location: Calea Victoriei 83

Artist: Les Ateliers Nomad

You are the center of attention! Come practice your star walk on the Catwalk! Smooth like feline, flik flak, robot style… whatever your style is, come and show it off on the Catwalk at Spotlight 2023. The new media installation Catwalk turne you into the main character of the evening. Step on the red carpet surrounded by blitz lights and become the center of attention. 


The artists from Les Ateliers Nomad are amongst the Romanian new media pioneers. Founded in 2010 by Alex Petroşanu and Matei Dersidan, two artists passioned by architecture and design, Les Ateliers Nomad studio is today a collective of creatives, specialized in video mapping, 3D animations and video scenography, which include Moonlight Breakfast music videos and live show visuals.