Stairway to Heaven


Location: ARCUB – Hanul Gabroveni

Artist: Les Ateliers Nomad RO

A modern urban sculpture during the day, Stairway to Heaven turns into a spectacular multimedia installation at night. Made of LED lights and materials that diffuse the light in different ways, Stairway to Heaven comes to life and transforms the urban landscape after dark. The play between warm and cold colours, together with the animations of the elements that compose the installation seduce the viewers and invite them into a magical universe. 


The artists from Les Ateliers Nomad are amongst the Romanian new media pioneers. Founded in 2010 by Alex Petroşanu and Matei Dersidan, two artists passioned by architecture and design, Les Ateliers Nomad studio is today a collective of creatives, specialized in video mapping, 3D animations and video scenography, which include Moonlight Breakfast music videos and live show visuals.