University Square

44.432906, 26.0955952


A luminous and sonorous work, Pavilion is an open structure, a lighthouse which allows people to enter it. It is a living, welcoming space. An entanglement of luminous threads, suspended in the air, like light foliage. The installation, light and dynamic, is immersed in the sonorous universe especially composed by Yes Soeur (Alexandre Bouvier and Grégoire Simon).

Sébastien Lefèvre’s creations were exhibited on the occasion of numerous light festivals, starting with Lyon in 2004. His works – Eolight, L’Homme Digital, les Métronmes Trichromiques, Oriflammes – travelled to Göteborg, Lausanne, Moscow, Bucharest, and Dubai. Pavilion, his most recent installation, was exhibited during Citizen Light Festival in Schaerbeek, Brussels.

Author: Sébastien Lefèvre (FR)