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A Sky for All

The installation A Sky for All, made by Livia Zaharia, who graduated from Ion Mincu Faculty of Architecture of Bucharest in 2015, is the winning project of the call for projects for young artists “Digital Europe. Europe of the Future”, launched by the City Hall of Bucharest via ARCUB.
“The basic idea is that of unity irrespective of any possible divergences. What else is Europe if not the space that pulls us all together, without caring about differences, big and small alike, under the same sky? That is why the project puts forth a shape that could gather all, with a suitable entrance for everybody, in order to bring them together to a common place. What will Europe be like in the future? We cannot know for sure, but it will definitely need our participation. Each of us leaves a trace. That is why the inner surface of the construction will be rendered with a blackboard finish to allow writing with chalk on it. Besides the bright constellations, the background is constantly changing with the passing writings”. (Livia Zaharia, description of the project)

Author: Livia Zaharia