National Museum of Romanian History,ro


Absorbed by Light

Three characters sit on a bench, one next to the other, in an attitude which is typical to smart phone users: their head is bent, their fingers move continuously, and their faces are lit by the screen of the phone. While their bodies are present, their mind is elsewhere. One can feel the effects this has on the others by taking a seat on the bench, between the characters of Absorbed by Light, devised by British artist Gali May Lucas and made by sculptor Karoline Hinz, established in Berlin.

Gali May Lucas was born in 1992 and she has a degree in graphic design from Falmouth University of Cornwall. She works for the international brand design agency Design Bridge, while she also develops independent projects in which she integrates her own photographs and illustrations.

Author: May Gali Lucas (UK)

Foto: Bart Heemskerk