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After celebrating the International Year of Light in 2015, with Spotlight’s first edition, ARCUB – The Cultural Centre of Bucharest Municipality is delighted to announce a new spectacular edition. The event takes place between 5th and 8th of May on the streets of Bucharest and opens with a breathtaking show by Lords of Lightning from UK. Inspired by the genius of Nikola Tesla, Brit artists from Lords of Lightning prepared for their Bucharest participation a show about the power of electricity. Situated somewhere in between reality and fantasy, the opening show of the festival with its one time only representation is definitely a no miss opportunity.

Transformed into an itinerant exhibition, Calea Victoriei will welcome its passengers with interactive installations, light and sound shows, video mapping and bursting colors projections destined to change the everyday urban setting and give a new twist to familiar places of the city.

Starting from 20:30 up until 23:30 during festival days, everyone is invited to walk along Calea Victoriei and discover captivating installations of Romanian and international artists. To make it easier to spot the open air art gallery, the festival itinerary placed between University Central Library and United Nations Square will be marked with architectural lightning and screenings of ARCUB logo. Spotlight, The Bucharest International Light Festival keeps the city connected to 2016 trends in European urban events and will make Bucharest easy to spot amongst touristic attractions this May.