Blocul Rosenthal

44.433526, 26.097996


It is known from the natural world that bees are driven by the cycles of light, just as humans are drawn out into the city streets by the yearly shine of the International Light Festival – Spotlight.
Onlookers will gaze upon the various stages of hive development, as separate video screens interlock and form a faux see-through into the suggested Hive. The installation merges into the visual backdrop provided by the stunning Rosenthal Building, adding a layer of honey-golden light and marking the entrance.
Employing values intrinsic to bees, such as structural collectiveness, self-determination and resourcefulness is, by all means, a gesture of intent. It is aimed to underscore this year’s theme – the intricate honeycomb of European Identity, with an emphasis on the important role we all play, as individuals of the hive, in the shaping of this collective structure.


One Night Gallery is a new exhibition concept focusing on Romanian contemporary art, innovation and technology, Founded by Sorina Topceanu and Madalina Ivascu. One Night Gallery is dedicated to supporting local artists, repurposing unconventional locations and encouraging alternate artistic experiences through technology. At One Night Gallery, visitors can take a journey inside their art works using virtual reality, augmented reality, video mapping and interactive installations.


Author: One Night Gallery (RO)