Piața Revoluției – Ansamblul Monumental „Iuliu Maniu”

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Stratum is an interactive installation which allows the public to influence a “luminous territory” through their gestures. The movement of the hand above a surface materializes under the form of a layer of lights. This reaction triggers a visual reappearance of the gesture that becomes visible and tangible, similar to an ephemeral geology of the movement, thus giving birth to spatial and sonorous universes.

Chevalvert is a design studio founded by Patrick Paleta and Stéphane Buellet in 2007. Based on a multidisciplinary approach of the design, Chevalvert Studio creates projects in which the form serves the idea. For the last six years, Mirage Festival has been examining the links between art, innovation, and technologies at Lyon. The event brings together artists and creative minds who contribute actively to the reinvention of the artistic practice and of the methods of representation by means of technology.


Author: Chevalvert Studio & Mirage Festival (FR)